Enchanting first workshop yesterday!

eARTh in the City’s first ever workshop happened yesterday in Haberdashery’s Cafe, North London on a cold & windy yet enchanted and magical late afternoon on 14th June.

Two brave souls joined and gave it all and time stopped for 2 hours while Creativity and Nature took over.

Andrew and Nicole are not artists in the way we understand the word and yet the creation that came out of their relationship with the natural form they chose, the material and their hands created Art in the most ancient meaning: sacred representation of the relationship between humans, life and nature!  And that happened in a very short time in the City…

I took them through a few fun exercise to loosen and free their creative juices and quiet the mind!  Choosing a natural form I had either gathered from my garden or the adjacent woods they started an intimate relationship with it.  I guided them to be present with the ‘other’ to listen and feel, touch and dream of what wanted to reveal itself to them?

And as I have witnessed so many times a deep and mysterious experience happens through the pens, the hands, the form of Nature, the paint, the water, the small files and carving tools…a dance…a story…a sacred intimacy takes place in simple creativity.

We then shared gorgeous teas and cakes to finally share the stories of the ‘eARTh’ pieces that you can see here.

To give more people the opportunity to share this gift I have decided to give a FREE TASTER SESSION next Thursday 21st June at Haberdashery again.  It will also happen in Thornton’s Budgens very soon for the community . Watch the space.  This initiative can be created for Birthday Parties and Corporate events , also coming soon!

6 Responses to “Enchanting first workshop yesterday!”
  1. Andrew Thornton says:

    It was a beautiful experience; as Azul said, I am not an artist, yet I let go and was amazed at what happened. I found my mind went still and I was really with my art, leaving behind the ‘busyness’ of my life and mind. The highlight of my week so far!!!


  2. Galit says:

    This is so inspiring! Azul – you are such a gifted artist, not just in the common sense of the word, but in bringing out the soul of being an artist in every human. Wonder-Full!


  3. Wow, I love the idea of art working so closely with nature. A unique idea, creativity at it’s best! Well done Azul! I’m sure many people will enjoy this fun and beautiful eARTh journey


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