“It made me want to sing again….”

‘eARTh in the City’ second workshop at Haberdashery was deeply moving and left me in Awe and Wonder at our capacity for healing to wholeness through our connection with Earth and Art…eARTh!

Six eARTHians came to explore and be moved, touched and inspired by their own connections with Creation. Here in their own words they describe their experience.

“Workshop extremely inspirational, beautiful and tranquil and it answered my prayers.  The people were beautiful to be with.  The art from within exploring with natural objects felt like an extension of myself.  I made an instrument and gave it a voice therefore being symbiotic and at one with my art and myself. eARTh workshop made me want to sing again!!!”


“Sheer Joy to be totally transfixed by the creating, the colour, my hands, my eyes and the lovely group, nothing else. None of the rest – Loved it! I’ll be back.


“I came here overcome with grief.  You welcomed me, accepted me, took me in.  Death was here in the leaves.  Life in the decay.  Life is always returning.  Beautiful group. Beautiful song. Everything is here. Thank you!.”


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One Response to ““It made me want to sing again….””
  1. Great photos! So much talent!


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