Oh that was so cooool!

Oh that was so cooool! said Lilly, 5 years young, who I met and painted with today.

Today I set up ‘eARTh in the City’ in the center of Thornton’s Budgens, my local supermarket, to offer a space to create using paint, files and natural forms found in my local Queen’s wood.   I go there on Wednesdays between 3:30pm and 5pm to offer a space for creativity – for free.  People come, chat and are invited to sit with me where I am painting myself.  I instructed them of how to use and care for the material available and gently facilitate what emerges.  We chat, we connect, we laugh, we play and we share stories of all colours and shapes as we create together.  It is such a beautiful way to connect with people never met before.  It was such a relief to be in a place where consumption and money spending is one of the main focus to offer a free activity for creativity’s sake in our community.  Interestingly enough more workshops were requested by the parents for the summer that will be run on the roof of FOOD from the SKY on the roof of Thornton’s Budgens.

Here we see how children play and create in the most focus, often silent and deep way…really gorgeous afternoon!  What a way to spent my time!  Can’t wait for next Wed and for the summer ahead meeting up with my community in creativity.  Much Love. Azul

2 Responses to “Oh that was so cooool!”
  1. Zea says:

    So wonderful the space you are creating for those in your community Azul! Love seeing the photos and watching this path unfold. Zea


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