WeAreOne and ‘eARTh in the City’ this Sunday!!!

'eARTh in the City' is a happy collaborator :-)

‘eARTh in the City’ is a happy collaborator 🙂

We create events that inspire us all to bring more love and joy to life.

​We do this by combining incredible live music, inspiring speakers, uplifting meditations, playful dancing, extraordinary demonstrations of human talent and all manner of other goodness. All ending in a glorious, dancing celebratory crescendo.

 Our events are alcohol free

By playing together, dancing together, laughing together and inspiring each other we bring the best of ourselves to life. That way our values and our vision for a more beautiful life are refreshed and rejuvenated.

 All our events are co-created. Everyone that comes plays a part in making it special.

Everyone is equal. Everyone is connected. Everyone is involved.


Freedom | Fulfilment | Connection

prayer flags 068

 MORE ABOUT THIS AMAZING AND EXICTING EVENT: www.weareonecelebration.com  prayer flags 052prayer flags 051prayer flags 058prayer flags 050prayer flags 054prayer flags 060prayer flags 067


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